5.5kw to18KW Heat Pump Electric Water Heater

Digital 5.5kw
Digital 9kw
Digital 11kw
Digital 18kw
Digital 15kw


The thermostat needs to be used with a pump of the corresponding size

If the pump does not match the thermostat, the flow rate is too small, and the heating pipe will dry out and cause damage.

"5.5kw-15kw" thermostat matches the pump flow rate "5 cubic meters per hour" or more
"18kw-36kw" thermostat matching pump flow rate "10 cubic meters per hour" or more
"40kw-60kw" thermostat matches pump flow rate "15 cubic meters per hour" or more

The thermostat is recommended to use with "circulating water pump"

1. Operation sequence: turn on the water pump first, then turn on the thermostat. When shutting down, turn off the thermostat first, wait for a while (depending on the power of the thermostat, ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute), and then turn off the water pump.
2. Reliable leakage protection equipment must be installed, it must be installed and debugged by a certified electrician, and checked and maintained monthly.
3. machine one year warranty, The heating tube is a consumable part, and the warranty is three months.
4.The effect of auxiliary heating is better. Direct heating requires the use of more powerful machines.
5.The matching water pump below 11Kw must have a power of not less than 750W and a flow rate of not less than 13 cubic hours per hour.

The supporting water pump above 11Kw, the power shall not be lower than 1.1KW, and the flow shall not be lower than 18 cubic meters per hour.

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